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Tom E

Melvin R

Norma R

Cyril E

Millie F

Mary E

Ruth H

  • LYDIA S. / Ft. Recovery, Ohio
  • SETH P.  / Maria Stein, Ohio
  • CONNIE S. / Portland, Indiana
  • TOM E. / St. Mary’s, Ohio
  • DIANNA M. / St. Mary’s, Ohio
  • MELVIN R. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • BOB F. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • DARLENE R. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • NORMA R. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • CYRIL “HOOT” E. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • ROSA S. / Coldwater, Ohio
  • IRENE R. / Ft. Recovery, Ohio
  • MILLIE F. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • MARY E. / St. Henry, Ohio
  • RUTH H. / Ft. Recovery, Ohio

“I have been working at The Gardens for 6 months and enjoy assisting and interacting with residents.  It is rewarding going into each shift knowing that I will walk out with a smile on my face.” –  Lydia S., STNA

“Working here at The Gardens at St. Henry has been both a positive and rewarding experience. The Gardens genuinely cares about the people they care for and the staff who help make the company great. Being able to work here has allowed me to make a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference each and every day.”  –  Seth P., STNA

“The therapy Team was great! Thanks to PT, OT and ST I was able to get home, walk, and talk. The Gardens at St Henry was excellent! I enjoyed Bingo and all the therapeutic activities.” –  Connie S.  

Tom E“The staff is professional and knowledgeable. The thing that sticks out the most in my mind is, when I first got here, I liked the cross training of all the staff in this building, working together and helping each other. At my age, I was surprised to see how fast I got better. I like the idea of the option to transition to assisted  living before I go home.” –  Tom E. 

“Thank you all for your compassionate, loving, kind time that you all do in the care of my sister. She is very much total care and everything has to be done for her. The staff has made her very comfortable. I am very pleased with her care at The Gardens at St. Henry. It takes special people to do that kind of a job. Thank you and God Bless You.” –  Dianna M.  

Melvin R“Therapy helped a lot! I got better and I’m going home! I will recommend The Gardens at St. Henry rehabilitation services to everyone” –  Melvin R. 

Bob Feltz“I thought therapy was very good, I got along very well with the people who work here. I would recommend them to everyone.” – Bob F. 

Darlene Roessner“When I hurt my shoulder, they were able to get me back to normal and to work quickly. They were fun to be around and easy to get along with. I certainly recommend them for anyone who needs therapy.” – Darlene R. 

Norma R“I really liked The Gardens, it was real nice. I would recommend anyone to go there. They have really good therapy.”  – Norma R. 

Cyril E“There is no place like home, but The Gardens is the next best thing. If I need to go anywhere, it would be there. Therapy got me up and moving and I am back home and driving again.” – Cyril “Hoot” E. 

“I enjoyed my stay and if I ever need another long term care facility, I will choose St. Henry. Everyone was so nice.” – Rosa S. 

“Because of coming here and getting therapy I got stronger and I feel more balanced. I would recommend my friends to come here and I will come back!” – Irene R.  

Millie F“I learned a lot with therapy, they taught me the exercises and techniques that made me stronger. They helped me with my back pain also. Best of all I love the therapists. Edyie, Heidi, Zeff and Kathy have been great, they make you feel comfortable and keep things simple to understand.  I can go on vacation now feeling safe and strong. I will tell my friends to come here!”  – Millie F.  

Mary E“The Gardens at St Henry is terrific, I couldn’t have picked a better place to come to, I will definitely come back. Therapy was great, I couldn’t have done it without them and I feel wonderful!”  – Mary E. 

Ruth H“If you need help, this is a good place. Therapy was great. I loved the early one-on-one treatments. They let me feed the fish too! I would recommend this to my friends if they would need any long- or short-term care.”  – Ruth H.